Motherly Needs FAQ’s

Motherly Needs is a concierge service for mothers (expectant, new and busy) we are committed to supporting mothers in London mental and physical wellbeing by offering luxury services in areas of beauty, health and wellness to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or preferred location.

Motherly Needs connect mothers to professional experts and therapists in Central and Greater London. You can browse our website for a selection of our services and we will connect you with the relevant practitioner available at your request. You can make a payment online and you will receive an email confirmation of your booking with all the information, if you require any special requests you can contact us directly.

You can book services from Monday-Sunday from 7:30am to 21:00pm subject to practitioner availability.

You can reach us via for bookings and enquiries.

We work with the very best professional vetted practitioners that come highly recommended and have the relevant professional accreditation in their respected field. All our practitioners have been met face to face and reference checked. In the areas of beauty we work with beauty therapists that are highly trained and skilled, we ensure that they go through a thorough vetting process and arrange trading tests for each treatment. In the areas for our health and wellness services we only work with practitioners that have the appropriate level and training in their fields, and have the appropriate insurance.

You are welcome to request the bio of all our beauticians, health practitioners, fitness, Pilates and yoga instructors before making a booking. If you enjoy their services you can also contact us to book them again.

Motherly Needs services have been carefully curated to represent the areas that we believe is of upmost value for expectant, new and busy mothers on the go. You can find services in Facials, Massages, Reflexology, Pilates, Yoga, Hynobirthing, Doulas, Nutrition, Mummy MOT, and Career/Life Coaching.

We currently use Comfort Zone.

We advise that facials and massages treatments under our prenatal services are taken from 12 weeks of pregnancy and not before. You are welcome to contact us on our support page or directly email us if you require further information on the exact details of the treatments but all services under our prenatal services are suitable for pregnancy from 12 weeks and all our therapists would carry out a health questionnaire before starting a treatment. You are also advised that if you still feel uncertain that you consult with your medical physician before booking any appointment.

Exercise during pregnancy is very common and our wellness and fitness instructors are professionally trained to carry out services in prenatal exercises. We do advise that if you are in doubt or have concerns on what exercise you should or shouldn’t be doing that you consult with your midwife or doctor first.

We recommend that you first book a postnatal Mummy MOT with one of our professional physio health experts they will be able to assess if and when you should be exercising as well as the type of exercises you should or should not consider. However should you not be able to make this booking you should wait until you’ve had your 6-8 week postnatal medical check with your GP.

Motherly Needs work with the very best life and career coaches chosen to support mothers in any areas of concerns and requests to improve their lifestyles. It is unlikely that a singular appointment would be enough to assess the positive changes and therefore a minimum of three appointments must be booked.

We offer membership subscription redeemable for our beauty and wellness services (PT Fitness, Pilates and Yoga) only, subscription must be used within six months of purchase. There are great benefits for joining such as huge savings when you book 3 treatments, 10% off additional services/ treatments and access to perks from sponsored partners.

Pricing for our facials and massages are fixed costs and for our other services we have included the minimum cost to be expected as we work with some of the best practitioners across London prices will vary accordingly we will always give you the best available option for you to consider.

You can make an enquiry via and we will arrange a scheduled time consultations of 15mins is available for free through our support system there is an additional charge starting from £50 if you require more consultation post this time.

If you have booked a beauty appointment the therapist will arrive at your location and requested time. (Usually 10 minutes before to set up) If you made a booking for our at home wellness/ health services the relevant expert/ practitioner will arrive at your location. If you made a booking for a video call service the practitioner will contact you to confirm video call as requested.

Our practitioners/ beauty therapists will aim to always be on time for their scheduled appointments. However, from time to time there will be occasions where things occur outside of our control Please allow 10 minutes if there is any delay and contact us directly via email and we will look into this immediately.

You can contact us on we will be able to amend accordingly and confirm changes please note that appointments amended 12 hours and less may not always be possible.

You can also get in contact with us via email, bookings are fully refundable provided it is within 48 hours before the appointment time. Unfortunately we are unable to refund cancelled bookings less than this as our practitioners would have to be compensated for this time.

You can contact us directly via